At age 5 I asked my parents "Where are the pictures of me?" The family album was filled with adorable pictures of my sister and brother but there were none of me. When I came around they couldn't afford to take my baby pictures. Oddly I developed a big interest in photography. I would take many pictures on a film camera and never developed the photos.


April, 2008 I arrive in the beautiful country of the United States of America. Coming from an impoverished country to this estate, I was amazed. The first thing I wanted was a digital camera. Every Christmas and birthday I requested a camera to be my gift. I got a Nintendo ds just for the dual camera on the front and back. 

At age 16 I attempted to start my business quickly failing. I started back again at age 19. In one year I was able to go full time garnering attention all over the world. My ultimate goals as a woman is to uplift others. I pray that my life, words, and heart will inspire others to be the very best the can possible be.