Self Esteem

Ugly caterpillar, slowly conquering my school. With every step I make "squish."  For weeks I endured your stench. Soon you folded into a brown cocoon, now my school resembles.....ugh. Nature took its delicate time molding you into a beacon of light. You blossomed, and soon my school was filled with yellow butterflies. You are life's demonstration of a wise lesson.

Life's scars and bruises painted a dark outlook on life. To feed my lost identity, I resorted to self sabotage. Life doesn't happen to you, you decide your response to life. For years I sulked in self-pity, depression and suicidal thoughts. The road to redemption came when I learned who I am and whose I am.  Slowly I started to form wings. If you ever feel like you are still a caterpillar,  know this one fact! You have within you the potential to fly.